Gold, Swimming Pools and Prof Brian Cox 1

Posted on March 16, 2011 by noncon
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So Brian Cox (that’s PROF Brian Cox, not Brian Cox the actor) says all the gold ever mined in the world wouldn’t fill three Olympic sized swimming pools. At first, that seemed unbelieveable, but when you think about it, olympic sized swimming pools are bloody huge!

But some people will just tweet the first thing that pops into their heads and say someone’s talking rubbish, without checking the facts first:

burt_dawg: @ProfBrianCox all the gold ever being mined fitting into 3 swimming pools is surely rubbish?! how do you explain wedding rings/gold bars!

ProfBrianCox: @burt_dawg Why not look it up rather than simply express an opinion – how about Google?

Also, when you think about it; most stuff made out of gold is tiny.

If you were to melt it all, it would be tinier still.

Most gold is not pure gold, which is determined by how many carrots, sorry carats.

Wonder how many carrots would fit into three olympic sized swimming pools? And what would the difference be if you were to grate or mash the carrots, then condense them with three giant condensers?….

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