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Candid Camera Conformity 0

Posted on April 10, 2011 by noncon
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I love this Candid Camera video that demonstrates how impressionable we are, and how we will conform to stop looking foolish. And yet most of the comments on YouTube for this video are from people claiming they themselves would not succumb to this sort of peer pressure. Most are wrong. No matter how rebellious people think they are, there will be many social areas in which they will want to fit right in, because they are scared of others thinking they are stupid or ignorant. Marketing experts know this only too well, because if people were not this insecure, advertising would never work, and companies wouldn’t spend billions on it every years.


Happy 50th Birthday Coronation Street 1

Posted on December 10, 2010 by noncon
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coronation street 50The longest running TV soap is 50 this week, and I watched the hour long live episode last night, although I had to stop watching it regularly a few years ago, as it takes up so much time, being on god knows how many times a week these days. I can’t remember what year it was; but it was straight after the brilliant Karen left.

After the live episode it showed a countdown of the nations favourite story lines, and although I was an avid watcher, it wasn’t the psycho-killers and love triangles I had most remembered. I had watched it for several decades religiously and it is odd little pieces of dialogue that I find have stuck in my head.

I remember in the 80s, Hilda telling Kevin Webster and Terry Duckworth (while fighting over Sally)  that “we were all young and daft once…”.

I remember in the 90s, small time model Raquel telling arch enemy Tania that if you put blusher on first, then powder on top, it looks more professional and that’s how the models do it (a tip I still take note of every day!)

I remember Fred Elliot commenting in The Rovers that he isn’t surprised that Curly and Emma are in a relationship because you always find that professional people end up with other professionals. He said “…You get doctors and lawyers, you get nurses and fire fighters… teachers and… (after some thought) …other teachers…” I have underlined the part of each word that contained his repetitive higher-pinched inflection. Wish I had a recording of that. It’s much more funny to hear it.

I remember how Jack always called Vera “my little swampduck” (which I used for one of my animated Boyfriend Girlfriend movies).

And on Christmas Day 2001, when Roy’s cafe was supposed to be a shelter for the homeless, Steve MacDonald ended up in there for some reason. And when he tried scrounging a second can of beer, Norris, who was volunteering, retorted; “It’s one can per tramp!”

And one of my favourite secondary story lines was the one where elderly Percy was bragging to everyone how his budgie Randy, had lived for 18 years, and how he was going to get the Guinness Book of World Records involved, as he was certain he had the world’s oldest budgie. But his friends were then forced to tell him that Randy had died many years ago and they had felt responsible, so they had replaced him! That story was not mentioned of course, as it was mostly the main big story lines people remember.

But I am glad it was a comedy moment that won the top 50 favourite Corrie moments (out of a large majority of tragedies), thanks to Blanche being anything but sympathetic towards an alcoholics anonymous group. I missed that, as it was since I stopped watching it, but Corrie has always had some of the best humour – much better than a lot of British sitcoms IMHO.

I also lucked out the other day when I checked out BBC4′s The Road to Coronation Street, thinking it would be some lame documentary of info I’d heard before. But it was a superb dramatisation of Tony Warren’s (writer and creator) struggle to get the show on our screens in 1960.

I thought Jesse Wallace was excellent as Pat Phoenix “the bird who burnt its bum” Pat said! It was also good to see Michelle Holmes in it too, who played Tina Fowler in the Street back in 1989-1990.

I wonder how long the legendary soap will keep going. Maybe it will never stop going. It’s one original star from the first episode William Roach (Ken Barlow) can’t be immortal, but the show could well be. Who knows?

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