Big Spiders

Posted on August 29, 2009 by noncon
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The other day my heart nearly stopped. I’m not usually scared of spiders, but this one was a huge spider (for round here anyway) – it was easily 7 – 10cm in diameter (including legs), and it moved very fast too.

The spider unnerved me as it was on the wall next to my bed when I first saw it. I did not fancy my chances of not having a heart attack, should it decide to use any part of my body as terrain while I slept, so I decided to remove it from my flat. I had no intention of killing it, so I captured it by putting a container over it, while placing a post card underneath. I found an empty sugar jar and was able to photograph it before taking it outside and releasing it in the woods.

No doubt people in other countries will think it laughable that a three inch spider is such an unusual sight, but here in the UK it’s not so common indoors (apart from the Daddy Longlegs). The spider’s legs by the way are not yellow or green – they are reflecting the yellow of the tape measure in the photo.

Large spiders fascinate me. I’m sure small spiders would too, but we can see the anatomy much better on larger ones, so I can never resist photographing interesting looking spiders. Here is another spider I saw a few weeks ago. It was smaller in total size, but had a larger body than the one that wanted to live with me. It was approximately 4cm long (including legs).

I haven’t been able to find out what type of spider either one is. But if anyone knows I’d love to hear from you. Just click on the speech bubble at the top to leave a comment, thanks.


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  1. Ethan Campbell says:

    I’m no entomologist, but the orange one appears to be the Woodlouse, or Sow bug Killer spider.

    Dysdera crocata

    I hope I’m right!

  2. noncon says:

    Hi Ethan,

    Thanks a lot for your comment!

    Yes, I think you are right! The pic in the first link of the Sowbug Killer spider looks exactly like my spider. Interesting that it attacks its prey rather than waits for it in its web.

    I once took up a floorboard and saw two black spiders sitting under it. I thought they were parent and baby, but then the big one “stood up” over the little one, and then plunged its fangs into the little one, very much like the description of the Sowbug Killer spider’s habits.

    I was horrified that such carnage had happened in my house, but later I wished I’d videoed it!

  3. Toni says:

    I had one of these in my car this past weekend and it was inside the door where it was warm. I am not sure how long it was there or how it got there but it was pretty creepy. Do you know if they are poisionous?

  4. noncon says:

    Hi Toni,

    Thanks for your comment.

    According to the second link Ethan gave, the wiki says:

    “They have been known to bite humans if handled. Their bite can be painful but the venom causes no major medical problems. Localised itchiness at the bite site has been reported in some cases”

    So no they can’t hurt you – unless you’re another spider!

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