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No Bored Singers Allowed! 0

Posted on April 04, 2010 by noncon
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More interesting observations on This site gets better!

On its T&C it requires vocalists to sing down the phone to give a sample of their voices BUT states:

“Singers and vocalists who record unmotivated/bored voice samples shall also face deactivation of their account.”

Wouldn’t that exclude an awful lot of commercially successful singers whose deliberate style is such? Every indie band I can think of sounds bored. That’s the style. God, almost every 80s artist sounded bored as hell. Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths, Japan, The Cure, Pulp, and David Bowie (to name but a few) certainly wouldn’t be allowed to register on this site!

Isn’t it also subjective whether someone is unmotivated or bored-sounding?

And why would they care whether someone does sound bored when singing? Are they assuming that these people are just ringing up for a laugh? You have to pay to join, so that doesn’t make sense.

What if an indie band are looking for a bored sounding singer?

I think this is a ridiculous rule. The site is based in Germany despite having sister sites worldwide. Well it couldn’t be British, could it, with a rule like that?

Funny Spelling Mistakes 1 0

Posted on April 04, 2010 by noncon
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OK I know everyone makes typos and spelling mistakes, and the internet is crawling with them, but sometimes I find spelling mistakes that make me laugh as they can often be ironic or have a double meaning. Here’s one I just found at

A local band advertised themselves online with these compelling words:

“are aim is to make music that is true and real.. we have a wealth of experience accross the bored.. style/ country rock/blues. semi pro”

Although there are several mistakes it was “across the BORED” that made me chuckle – especially as they’re performing musicians.

Jaz and Keith 9 0

Posted on April 02, 2010 by noncon
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Keith joins one of The Oldest Professions

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